5+ Most Annoying Kitchen Storage Problems and Their Solutions

5+ Most Annoying Kitchen Storage Problems and Their SolutionsThe kitchen is the heart of your home where all the family members and friends gather together and is the most vital area where you see constant activity going on with a high footfall. There are various aspects in its design, and if it is not designed with the right storage, then kitchen storage problems can plague your everyday life. But, when we are here to help you, these problems can be resolved easily. Yes, our kitchen interior designers in Bangalore have found out the most common problems faced with kitchen storage by homeowners and have provided the ideal ways to solve them.

Kitchen Storage Problems that Every Homeowner Experiences

Whether it is organizing the cabinet space or increasing the items in your pantry, let us see some of the common problems faced by homeowners associated with kitchen storage and know how to solve them. 

#Problem 1- No proper reach to the corners of the kitchen

This is one of those problems that are faced by many homeowners, especially when they decide to have a U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen. These kitchen types make it difficult for people to get to the corners of the kitchen.  

Solution: Add carousel units

To solve this issue, you can add a corner carousel unit in your kitchen area. You may think it is an expensive kitchen accessory, but it is worth its weight. The corner space is recognized as a dead space until you make it attractive. So, add some revolving shelves to make the entire space look stunning.

#Problem 2- Cannot get access to kitchen essentials easily

The next problem that is faced by homeowners is easy access to kitchen essentials. Here, by essentials, we mean condiments, oils, spices, herbs, sauces, and many more.

Solution: Use open storage

You might like the quality of closed storage and prefer it more because of its maintenance. But, having open storage in the kitchen will save your cooking time during busy days. So, try to add one open shelf to help you on days when you are going through an ample of things.  

#Problem 3- Hard to find ingredients after keeping them

If the kitchen area is used by many people, then it is difficult to find ingredients unless you have kept them in a desired storage or place. It happens all because people rarely put things back in the same place.

Solution: Set a tall unit with a pantry pull-out setup

There is no need to search for different kitchen storage ideas as all you need is a tall cabinet. The cabinet can be used to add all your groceries in the kitchen, so you do not lose them. A pantry pull-out is also the best kitchen storage idea that can keep all your things in one place.  

#Problem 4- Cluttered countertop

There is the problem of a cluttered countertop in the kitchen where it is sometimes crowded as you have many appliances or essentials kept there.

Solution: Wall-mount accessories and get in-built appliances

You can resolve this issue by adding in-built appliances in your kitchen. Also, to save more space, you can wall-mount kitchen essentials such as knives or chopping boards to have a good area to do prep work before cooking.

#Problem 5- How to easily store all the glassware?

This is one of the biggest problems that homeowners face as whenever they pull out a glass from the cabinet, they find dust or it can also get chipped when you take it out. And, this is not something that we always want.

Solution: Hang glasses upside down

If you have glasses with strong rims, then you can hang them upside down to get optimized kitchen storage. This does not allow dust to accumulate in the glasses and keeps them away from the cabinet reducing the chances of breakage.  

#Problem 6- Where to keep everyday vegetables like onions and potatoes?

The next problem is finding a place to keep those vegetables that do not require refrigeration. Also, you do not want to use the floor space to keep a basket rack.

Solution: Get wicker baskets

Yes, if you still do not know about wicker baskets, then these are one of the most popular kitchen storage ideas for modern homes. The baskets will let the vegetables breathe and be fresh. The wicker baskets are also easy to wash and light. They fit perfectly into the modular kitchen setup and are a great kitchen storage option. How Can Bhavana Interiors and Decorators Help You?
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