7 Home Renovation Mistakes We Make and How to Avoid Them

Home renovation services in Bangalore Ready to redecorate your home? It is an exciting process as you will be setting up a Pinterest board, roaming around the furniture market, and comparing different paints and wallpapers. You might know what exactly you want to change to redesign your living space, but executing this vision can sometimes make the design process overwhelming and stressful.  From finding the right designer to choosing furniture on a budget, our Home renovation services in Bangalore have compiled a list of mistakes to avoid while you wish to refurbish your place and turn it into your dream home. 

Mistakes To Avoid While You Renovate Your Home

1. Hiring the cheaper contractor 

Do not settle for a cheaper contractor even if you are looking out the budget. Choose the right contractor with an experienced team that fulfills your needs to renovate your home beautifully. Consider the expertise, skill, and workmanship of the contractor to choose the ideal one for your place.  Go for a team from a reputable company that has a track record of on-time delivery of home renovation work.

2. Not choosing the appropriate interior designer

Having an interior designer and team will allow you to work in the best possible ways with a perfect design plan. They will provide you with the best design and decor ideas to assure that your home ends up being both pleasing and practical.  Make sure to take guidance from the interior designers and decorators at the planning stage so that everything goes fine according to your needs. 

3. Starting the renovation process without setting the budget 

The home renovation process never goes according to the design plan, so it is essential to create a budget. Add provisions up to 20% over the budget for unwanted expenses, especially when you want to redesign your old property.  If you are on a limited budget, then invest in necessary items like electrical appliances, flooring, and others. Also, focus on completing the work of the prime location instead of completing the entire renovation at once. 

4. Opting for low-quality materials 

While renovating your home, do not let yourself compromise on the quality of the materials. Low-quality materials can be cheaper and will also save you money, but they will surely cost you in the long run as they will have to be replaced early.  So, choose the best materials that are long-lasting and durable. For instance- if you are choosing hardware and faucets for doors, windows, and wardrobes, then choose top-rated and high-quality materials. 

5. Not inspecting the home and its services 

Before starting the renovation process, people always neglect the services and end up having problems after things are done. So, check the house for water seepage, dampness, or structural problems.  And, if you are redesigning an older property, then inspecting the entire home is essential. Check the adequate lighting, water drain system, and other things that need to be rectified. 

6. Not setting a proper plan 

Having a successful home renovation cannot be done in a short period so stop being in a hurry to wrap things and complete the project. Create a design plan with all the details of every stage of the process. Add a payment and work schedule with a proper timeline related to the project.  A set timeline will help you purchase the materials promptly and pay the desired amount to the contractors. Also, do not forget to work according to the plan created to renovate the space. 

7. Getting furniture at the first stage 

One of the biggest mistakes that we make is buying furniture at an early stage. So, it is recommended by our home renovation company in Bangalore to buy the furniture after taking the right measurements on the project site.  This will help you prevent buying furniture and other furnishings that do not fit properly into your home’s renovated design. 


 Renovating your home with careful plan, design, and execution can improve your place in several ways. But, in huge home design projects, mistakes are bound to happen. Therefore, the best way to avoid home renovation mistakes is hiring a trusted interior design store and seeking the desired help.