Pooja Room Designs To Give Your Home A Traditional Look

Pooja room design

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A place to worship God. A place to pray to your ancestors with your family. The Pooja Room- is one of the most important areas of an Indian house. It is the heart of your home that sets a positive and prosperous aura. The pooja room is the area where we get peace by simply sitting, meditating, and indulging in the spiritual feeling. Therefore, it is essential to create a heavenly environment within the pooja room to nurture elegance and divinity.  From the direction of God’s idol to the wall colors, the pooja room should have an interior decor that helps people engage and worship the Almighty. Whether you live in a spacious home or a 2 BHK apartment, a pooja room should be built to embrace values and traditions that can be passed through generations.  So, without any ado, dive into these traditional pooja room designs to make your sacred place look divine. Read further and let our home interior designers in Bangalore give you the best pooja room designs to beautify your home. 

Indian Style Pooja Room Design Ideas 

#Design Idea 1- Pooja Room With Beautiful Wood Backdrop 

Wood is considered an instant dose of peace and harmony in the decor of your home. So, a beautiful decorative wall backdrop will give the pooja room a stylish and modern look. The wooden pooja area idea is perfect if you are setting your mandir in your living room. The wood screening provides an impression of a separate room in the living area. 

#Design Idea 2- Pooja Room With Accent Doors 

A traditional pooja room with a staple glass door gives a glimpse of your mandir while giving privacy. As a glass door is a great choice, you can even use a wooden accent door to have a charming look at the area. With wood accent doors, you can give your pooja space a look like a temple. The intricacies on the door will make the pooja room entrance different from the rest of the house. 

#Design Idea 3- Pooja Room With A Neutral Palette 

Designing a pooja room with neutral colors will look soothing and elegant. Match the shades with wood or white color to give an exquisite feel to the pooja room. For instance- The pooja room with a cream color backdrop mixed with one more neutral color gives inviting vibes and looks luxurious. Add silver idols of God with knotty borders on the side to add more divinity to the space. 

#Design Idea 4- Pooja Room With A Vibrant Background to Brighten Up The Area

If you want to give the right blend of traditional and modern touch to your pooja room, then create a backsplash with vibrant colors. Choose a stoned wall backdrop with bright and colorful art that redesign the space with a beautiful vibe. Add tea light holders to light up the pooja room and permeate a spiritual aura. This is one of the best design ideas to choose to make your pooja room attractive to the guests and perform prayers. 

#Design Idea 5- Pooja Room Made with Durable Marble 

The marble pooja room design is the ideal choice for people who want to give a traditional yet contemporary touch to the space. A marble temple design brings grace and serenity to the home, so go for a pooja room design with high carving and polishing work to make the prayer area look stunning. With the temple design, you also get in-built drawers and cabinets to keep the pooja stuff. The marble temple design can also be customized according to your preferences and the style of the home. 

The Last Words 

The beauty of a pooja room lies in small details. It is a room with no distractions and a space that offers a spiritual vibe every time. So, whatever design idea you pick, our home interior designers in Bangalore will always be happy to help you with inspirational design for your place. Get in touch with us today and get the perfect traditional room design and let your dreams come true.