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Interior Designers For Kitchen In Bangalore

Most of the people who assume the modular kitchen of India are only covering basic and wall units with bright and coloured laminated doors. Definitely, the money of those people will be played very well by carpenters or interior designers. So what is the modular kitchen? and how to find beautiful? Here the name itself says “Modular = Involving a module”. the unique modules will be involved to make a complete kitchen.

Points to Consider for Modular Indian Kitchen Design:

Choose what you want first?

Each module consists of the housing (box) and blinds (doors), but the purpose will be unique such as a sink unit, gas unit, corner unit, height unit etc. Modules are built in the easy replacement path at any moment. For example, in the future due to ageing, if the sink unit stinks, you can easily replace that particular module alone and no need to disturb others.

Create a good outline:

The standard modular kitchen designs will have 36 inches of floor height to the countertop 36 inches = 2 inches of the thickness of the countertop + 30 inches of height of the housing and shutter module + 4 inches of the height of the baseboard. if you reduce the height, you will not be able to fit few accessories like the retirements, the corner accessories, the dishwasher etc. you know compared to the western countries, Indian ladies are short so most of the modular kitchen Indian designs will not have the height of 36 inches.

Select the right design for the right place:

Like Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Transitional, Classic, etc., will continue.

Choose the best material:

In Western countries and modular kitchen, branded companies will make the carcass in pre-laminated particleboard and MDF, but it is not good for Indian modular kitchen designs, because our kitchens are mostly moist. so the housing must be in degree BWR (boiling water resistance ISI 303 ply). If the case budget is low, then you can opt for MRGrade (commercial ISI 303 ply). Usually, BWR will be 25-30% more expensive than MR grade. If the countertop or granite placed on a 3-inch concrete bed and the base also built in concrete (Semi modular kitchen), then MR Grade Ply is sufficient. but in the case of the complete modular kitchen, BWR is the only option.

The casing layer should be side laminated and the edges will be covered with PVC tape. It is the same for the blinds also the same but the edges will be covered with 2mm PVC tape. There are many types of shutters available on the market such as embroidered edge (ply laminated with sharp edges), shutter insert (ply laminated with curved edges), membrane shutter (PVC sheet on MDF or MDF and BWR sandwich, acrylic sheet high scratch resistance), PU coated (polyurethane paint on MDF), Rubberwood, etc.

Find quality kitchen accessories:

Lots of SS baskets and other brands of accessories available on the market; make sure it is SS304 quality steel. If budget is not an issue then you have high-end international brands like Hettich, Hafele, Blum, Grass etc as well.

I hope, these notes will help you to say beautiful !!!
People generally tend to give the run around kitchen decor however they have no idea that the kitchen is “the heart of the home” and therefore the design and design of the kitchen should be given important consideration. Whether you are starting from scratch or simply making some adjustments in space, you need to be very particular about your kitchen.

In addition to the distribution of the regular closed kitchen, the other functional design option is the open kitchen. If there is no space for the kitchen, you can install a modular mini kitchen near the living room or dining room.

Once you have decided on a design for your kitchen depending on your interior space, you are ready to spruce up for it by your own choice. Almost all kitchens are built according to the modern style due to their functional requirements. However, some kitchens are given a traditional appearance. Blinds and cabinets have a classic design in the case of the latter. In the case of open kitchens, the theme should complement the surroundings.

A simple adjustment around the corner can add style to your kitchen. Regardless of your closed or open type kitchen, you can try out some impressive kitchen designs today. The modular kitchen is becoming more popular in India and is having a huge market too. but, budget kitchen price

Let’s see, what are all the things we need to take care when creating a modular budget kitchen.

Hire a best interior designer with experience and see your work. Do not believe in the marketing strategy “Get gold for silver”. Quality is the main concern here. If money is not your concern, then choose BWR plywood for cabinets and shutters. In case, semi modular kitchen or budget concern, then we can go for commercial layer also called MR ply. Laminates you can go for matte type; is less expensive and requires less maintenance. Hinges that can go for the Indian brand as ebco. Handles you can choose any chrome SS finish. Kitchen accessories play a vital role in the price of modular kitchen budget; so select them elegantly.

Sometimes the accessories cost you almost 30-40% of your modular kitchen with a low budget price. Go for semi modular kitchen, it will reduce your modular kitchen budget price considerably and also help long term. In this, you do not need to buy granite, sink, civil work etc. because it is already included in the cost of the builders. so there is no need to worry. Do not forget to add the grille to the gas cabinet and sink cabinet units. Build concrete pantry cupboard with Kadappa Black stone shelf. so that, you can avoid the cost of the pantry cabinets. And, cover with the shutter. Add the spice rack under the wall cabinets. Build a concrete loft and cover with blinds. Finally, stay away from MDF, particle boards, compressed wood and engineered wood for the lower cabinets. I hope this helps you complete your modular budget kitchen.

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