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Interior Designers For Kitchen In Bangalore

The kitchen is considered the most essential room of your home as the food that we love eating is prepared here. So, a kitchen should be properly designed to ensure that the cooking process gives you an engaging and pleasurable experience. A well-designed kitchen always assures good and optimum usage of the desired space. So, if you are also one who does not like the idea of spending ample hours in an ordinary-looking space stuffed with containers, utensils, and home appliances while preparing food, then it is time to give some detailed and serious attention to designing your home. This will help you design a place with a monotonous vibe with creative senses matched altogether.

We, at Bhavana Interior and Decorators, have great experience in designing, decorating, and renovating kitchen interiors in Bangalore. Our expert kitchen interior designers in Bangalore have the best professional skills to upgrade the necessary space of your home so that cooking does not feel boring. When we talk about designing and executing interiors, kitchens are more difficult than giving designs to the space. The planning phase includes electricity, plumbing, adding gas lines, appliances, lightning, fixtures, and many more. Therefore, without any thought, trust us and create a stunning kitchen for your home. All you have to do is select the most efficient type of kitchen interiors you require according to your needs.

Types of Kitchen Interiors

We are different people with different tastes. And, as we are talking about kitchen interior designs, the taste here means the type of kitchen interiors you require for your home. Our team is an expert in developing modular kitchen designs considering the latest and modern trends that suit your requirements. So, let us start and find the perfect kitchen interior type for your home that suits your needs.

1. L-Shaped Kitchen Design

This is one of the most liked kitchen layouts consisting of two adjacent walls used to feature two bench tops. When our interior designers in Bangalore work on designing a functional kitchen, they keep in mind the working triangle which is the distance between the refrigerator, stove, and sink. The L-shaped design supports an open kitchen layout as it fits into the two sides of the triangle and a good open space also allows free movement in the space.

2. U-Shaped Kitchen Design

The U-shaped kitchen design gives a perfect spacious look to the area. The kitchen is designed with three bench tops that are adjoined to surround you from all three sides, walls lined up with cabinets to store the kitchen appliances and other cutlery options. This type of kitchen layout provides a lot of storage space to do all the daily work. This makes a U-shaped design one of the most effective kitchen types for your home.

3. Island Kitchen Design

The island kitchen is best if you have ample space in your home and an open living room. According to our kitchen decorators in Bangalore, island kitchens are becoming popular with the homeowners as they need extra storage space to add additional seating in the kitchen area. The island kitchen layout incorporates a combination of a straight kitchen and an L-shaped kitchen with an island space that can be also turned into a dining counter.

4. Modular Kitchen Design

The modern kitchen design includes cabinets designed with diversified elements that can manage the work associated with reassembling and dismantling the materials in the kitchen. The wall cabinets and floor design can be easily reinstalled in the modular kitchen layout, and turn out to be a good option if your job is to shift from one place to another every coming year.

5. Parallel Kitchen Design

The parallel kitchen layout is also known as the Galley kitchen design. It is a type of modular kitchen that involves two cooking areas installed parallel. You will get two bench tops facing each other on the sides of a central walkway. The best thing about a parallel kitchen is that it can easily segregate tasks that you wish to perform on every countertop while moving here and there.  

Cooking may feel like a hectic task if the kitchen is not set up properly, and if it is designed well, it can make your experience more relaxed. Also, if you want to enhance more culinary skills, the professional skilled designers at Bhavana Interiors will help you create a creative yet functional interior design. So, without any further thoughts, contact our team of home interior designers in Bangalore and avail the best kitchen design and décor services.