12 Jul 2023
Vikas Upadhyay
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What Does False Ceiling for Your Home Cost in Bangalore?

What Does False Ceiling for Your Home Cost in Bangalore?The popularity of false ceilings in India has been trending for a while now. It is right to say that ceiling designs are becoming more diverse, and people are choosing designs that give an aesthetic appeal to their homes. Although, there are multiple options making homeowners confused about what to pick for their place. So, before we begin to look for the best designs, let us find out the cost of false ceilings in Bangalore and the different varieties available for rooms in your home. False ceilings are available in factory-manufactured gypsum or POP boards and cost per square foot depending on the region and time. Therefore, without any further delay, let us run down to help you find a false ceiling design, cost, and material to add to your home.

The Cost of False Ceiling Calculated by Area

Placed at a distance of 8 inches from the original ceiling, a false ceiling can be added in any room. The cost of a false ceiling in your home can be calculated after finding the area of the room. According to the perimeter of the room, the gypsum or POP quantity will determine the cost of the false ceiling. Also, if you want to add LED lights within the ceiling, then the area of the light is measured in feet.

The Cost of Gypsum False Ceiling

A false ceiling cost for your home in Bangalore made using gypsum will cost between INR 75 to INR 125 per square foot. Gypsum is the cheapest material available in the market and is perfect for designing an illusion of an airy feel. The false ceilings are light in weight and made from calcium in the form of boards hung from wooden or iron frames.

The Cost of POP False Ceiling

While gypsum is good for small homes due to its lightweight, a POP false ceiling design is a long-lasting choice for huge homes. The water-resistant material cost ranges between INR 75 to INR 120 per square foot according to your design choice. The POP powder is mixed perfectly with water to get molded into the shape that you want for your room.

The Cost of Wooden False Ceiling

If you want to change their home decor trends, a wooden floor ceiling is your go-to option. This type of false ceiling requires low maintenance but is a bit expensive giving your home a beautiful look. The natural texture of the wooden ceiling gives a warm touch to the space and reflects yellow light with a shiny base for a great ambiance in your home. Higher in price than gypsum or POP, a wooden false ceiling cost starts from INR 80 per square foot to INR 650 considering the quality and design of the wood.  

Additional Costs of False Ceiling 

To determine the cost of a false ceiling costs in Bangalore, you must consider extra costs during the installation process. The average cost of a false ceiling per square foot starts from INR 75 without these additional expenditures listed below-
  1. Cutting and finishing the gypsum, wood, or POP ceiling to install the lights.
  2. Paint, polish, or wallpaper the false ceiling before completion.
  3. Electric wiring above the false ceiling for LED and concealed lighting with other fixtures.

Summing Up

A false ceiling is one of the most essential elements after home designing trends in India. It is a perfect choice for ambient lighting, also when the place is small as false ceilings can give an area an airy feel. But, if you are still confused about researching the false ceiling costs in Bangalore, just book an appointment with us and leave the rest to us. Our team of skilled home decorators in Bangalore will help you in all possible ways to design your home according to your preferences and needs.