05 Jul 2023
Vikas Upadhyay
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A Guide to Knowing Everything about Vinyl Flooring

A Guide to Knowing Everything about Vinyl FlooringWe can provide you with ample information about the importance of good flooring, but we are sure you already know that. We will also not discuss the aesthetics of flooring or its essential aspect which is functionality. It is because people have become way smarter than that. Rather, our interior design experts in Bangalore will discuss one of the most used flooring materials for your home- vinyl sheets. You will also find out why to pay attention to it.

What are Vinyl Sheets?

Vinyl sheet is a synthetic, durable, and versatile material that includes four layers of sheets, known as PVCs (polyvinyl chloride). The first layer is foam or cork which is the bottom layer that prevents the need for any other material between the sheets and material. Vinyl sheets work as a cushioning layer. Above this layer, we see the water-proofing layer that prevents swelling due to moisture. Next is the design layer that serves high-resolution design according to your needs. And, the last is the wear layer used to coat the sheets for durability and long life. If you choose luxury vinyl flooring, then there are two to four layers more that help to provide more cushions and improve durability.

Types of Vinyl Sheets

There are multiple types of vinyl sheets that you can choose according to your budget and preference as they are priced differently.

–      Vinyl Plank

Vinyl planks are the same as hardwood flooring. They are high in price but worth it as they are highly water-resistant. So, any type of wood or grain can easily turn into a vinyl plank.

1. Vinyl Tile

If you want a stone or ceramic finish, then vinyl tiles are your choice. They are used to resemble quartz, marble, and other materials. Vinyl tiles are perfect for small spaces as they can easily be cut to size.

2. Vinyl Stickers

Also, known as Vinyl Wrap Sheets, vinyl sticker sheets are 12 ft rolls that can cover a floor in one go. They are the most popular vinyl type and are less costly. So, if you have a larger area in your home, nothing can benefit more than vinyl sheet stickers.

Pros of Using Vinyl Sheets

There are several advantages of vinyl sheets in your home. Some of them are as follows-
  • Vinyl sheets are very affordable.
  • Vinyl tiles and sheets are better options than traditional floor options.
  • Vinyl sheets help you create a floor of your selected design.
  • Vinyl flooring is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens as it is a water-proof material.
  • Vinyl sheets have great options in patterns, textures, and colors.
  • Vinyl flooring is slip-resistant and has zero maintenance.
  • The installation costs of vinyl sheets are competitive.
With advantages, and some disadvantages of using vinyl flooring in your home are provided below. Read them to help you choose the right flooring type for your place.  

Cons of Using Vinyl Sheets

Want to choose vinyl flooring for your home, here are some cons that you should be aware of-
  • The vinyl sheets end up in landfills if discarded. The material is terrible for the environment as it is non-biodegradable.
  • Vinyl sheets get damaged easily when there is frequent movement of the furniture.
  • Vinyl sheets use an adhesive that gets hardened. This makes them hard to remove from the floor.
  • The chemicals used to manufacture vinyl sheets leaches that can sometimes cause allergies.
So, now that you know the pros and cons of choosing vinyl-type flooring for your space, we recommend you select it if it meets all your requirements.

Wrapping Up

Vinyl flooring type is good for durable floors and best for homes with low maintenance. Vinyl floors look attractive, and as the material lasts longer, they are getting more popular in today’s time. But, for environment-friendly homeowners, vinyl flooring is not for you. Overall, we can say that vinyl floor types easily understand the land like no other material can do and is here to stay for a lifetime.