10 Entryway Shoe Storage Ideas to Declutter the Space

If your home entryway is fully cluttered with several family members’ footwear and you do not know how to organize everything, then you landed up at the right place. Having an entryway shoe storage organizer is the best solution to remove all the clutter that you witness at the home’s entrance or foyer area. It will create a sense of neatness and balance for the home as well as for the guests when they visit your home. Therefore, to help you out we have curated 10 perfect entryway shoe storage solutions that will help you get organized as soon as possible. According to our home interior decorators in Bangalore, you would not miss these amazing ideas to design your entryway for the first time or want to redesign the older one.

10 Best Shoe Storage Ideas for Your Home Entryway

Having a good entryway shoe storage area enhances the entrance of your home and makes it more inviting. So, considering these solutions listed below will help you make your home entrance look appealing.

1. Try Out Dividers

If you live in a joint or large family, then you can choose to set up a shelf that incorporates various dividers for shoes or other footwear. Have a rule of keeping ‘two pair minimum’ in the entryway and avoid adding excess footwear.

2. Add a Basic Design Piece with Caning

If you also love cave furniture, then this hack suits you. Add a basic shoe cabinet and give it a chic makeover with caning. This will give you the ultra boho-inspired vibe that looks super practical after it is built.

3. Fill Out the Dead Space

Make use of all the dead space that you see between the front door and stairwell and change it into a mini mudroom. In the area, you can opt to install simple hooks and shelving to make it easy for you to find out the morning essentials every day.

4. Put Up a Coat Rack

Choose to set up a coat rack that performs double duty. The rack will provide ample hooks to keep every family member’s outwear organized nicely. With the coat rack, the area will also feature a shoe shelf to keep all the footwear together.

5. Give a Laid back Look

If you wish to provide a more laid-back look, then try adding some oversized woven baskets in the entryway and put your pair of shoes inside it. This idea is perfect for families of one or two, where it is easy to determine which shoes to pick and whose shoes are whose.

6. Set Up a Bench

If you are designing and decorating your entryway for the first time, then choose to build a bench that also contains multiple storage drawers. This is one of the most functional and stylish ideas that you can choose to decorate your entryway or foyer area.

7. Choose Open Shelving

If you love your shoes and want to look at them and even display them to your guests, then pick an open shelving idea for the shoe shelf in the entryway. This lets your shoes be placed within reach as you get ready to go out. Also, with this, you will never be searching for your favorite pair of shoes again and again.

8. Match with the Theme

Now that you have set up your home interiors after considering a theme, so why not opt for the same theme for the shoe rack? This entryway idea will let you add beautiful wallpaper, coastal pillows in the seating area, and most importantly a wicker basket to give an aesthetic vibe and serve the purpose of keeping the shoes.

9. Make the Entryway Playful

This is one of our favorite ideas to set up your shoe rack in the entryway. You can easily make your foyer area playful by adding a shoe cabinet with stylish netting surrounded by stunning wallpaper. This hack of wearing your shoes will never be so appealing to your guests.

10. Shoe Storage Entryway Made with Solid Wood

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on setting up an extraordinary shoe organizer, then you can choose to add a wooden side cabinet featuring a built-in narrow shoe shelf. It will keep the shoes out of sight when not in use and also let you easily access them whenever you go out.


These are the ten most appropriate shoe storage ideas for your entryway or foyer area. This will add a distinctive and unique style and personality to your entrance to the home.  We hope that all this helped you choose one of the ideal entryway storage ideas for your shoes. And, to explore more, connect with our team of top interior decorators in Bangalore anytime.