A Guide to Knowing the Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Interior Design

Modern Vs Contemporary Home Interior Design

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The difference between modern and contemporary interior design might be blemish for you as the dictionary defines them as synonyms. But, for interior designers, both words refer to different design styles. Modern interior design style came in the early 20th century and contemporary interior design blossomed around the 80s and 90s. Although both interior styles focus on minimalism, modern design includes functional elements, while contemporary design is perfect to add elegant and bright materials to your home. But, how to find out that these two interior design styles are distinct? So, if you are also in the mood of finding out the key differences between both modern and contemporary home design styles, scroll down to read the blog further. The expert home interior designers in Bangalore have got you covered to create a home according to your preference.

Modern Vs Contemporary Home Interior Design

Modern interior design rose from the mid-century interior design era to emphasize functional elements. The interior design and architecture of the modern interior include natural colors and an art deco style. In today’s time, modern designed homes involve materials made from warm hues to subdue the look of the overall space. And, contemporary interior design focuses on representing the ongoing style trends and how you can use them in your home. There are some elements of modern designs, but contemporary interior style is itself an evolving design. It is the choice of people who want to add elements of past and present in their homes. With the technological advances of today’s time, contemporary homes represent interior style statements that also reflect various architectural styles. Now that we know the major difference between modern and contemporary interior design styles, let us now know how to select design elements from these similar yet dissimilar interior designs.

The Modern Interior Design Styles

One of the main differences between modern and contemporary interior design is the materials used to design the home. With the introduction of modern design in the 1900s, the design style focused more on natural, functional, and simple materials. To design a home using modern elements, you need to pick earthy materials for furniture made from stone and wood materials. And, as the modern interior style prefers natural elements, the home interiors will see a lot of warm shades. White walls add calm to the entire space contrasting with colors like cream, gray, and brown. Also, it is easy to add elements of modern luxury into your home with this interior design styling technique.

The Contemporary Interior Design Styles  

The difference between contemporary and modern design is seen just by a fine line. Contemporary interior designs became popular in the 1970s after some pieces from other styles like futurism and art Deco were gathered. So, to add contemporary design elements to your space, there is nothing to bind your choice. All you have to do is pick the latest interior design and decor trending in the market.

Which Interior Design Style is Good?

Contemporary design can easily adapt to state-of-the-art elements such as glass, plastic, or metal in their designs. Another way to differentiate between them is their characteristics. Modern design comes from an era, while contemporary is ambiguous to the changing needs of the customers. Some of the common trends of contemporary interior design include organic silhouettes matching with materials such as natural textures with chrome.

What to Pick: Modern or Contemporary?

There is no such difference that can let you pick between the two interior design styles that are somewhat similar. Modern design style lets homeowners love natural and warm colors for their space. And, contemporary interior designs have to stay on top of ongoing trends and are suitable for homeowners who love to revamp their homes according to the current and ongoing interior design styles. 

Wrapping Up

To summarize the difference between modern and contemporary interior design styles, both are perfect for your home. So, choose the one that meets your design requirements and makes your space look attractive. And, if you are still not sure about which one is ideal for your place, connect with the best interior designers in Bangalore at Bhavana Interiors and Decorators and we will help you design your home with materials suiting your budget and needs.