New Trends in Home Interior Design


1. Metallic

Gold, brass, silver, bronze and rose gold have been popular for a while, and they are not going anywhere soon.

The award-winning British interior designer Katharine Pooley, however, envisions a fresher palate when it comes to metals, with “a focus on polished nickel and silver / industrial finishes.”

Bronze, in particular, is set to be a great trend, according to London interior designer Jo Hamilton.

2. Textures and layers

Pooley says the texture is going to be great news with both fabrics and finishes: “I think we will see a lot more textured fabrics with metallic metal threads in the fabric,” he told The Independent. “Fabrics like these create a timeless and elegant look in any room.”

He adds that embossed surfaces, three-dimensional finishes and glass and metal details will add layers to the finishes.

Chief interior designer Anouska Hempel agrees, saying she thinks 2018 will bring “more layers and overlap.”

3. A natural influence

Over the next few months and years, the interior style is set to return to nature, according to Hamilton, with soft, warm, and quiet tones. She thinks that a color scheme of natural terra cotta, greys, woody tones, muted blues and greens will be hot by 2018.

What’s more, natural handmade tiles with geometric patterns and shapes are going to be in the trend.

4. Discreet elegance

“I think in the current sociopolitical climate we can see a departure from ostentation,” leading interior designer Charles Rutherford told The Independent. “It would be wonderful if a reaction against this led to the discreet elegance and purity of the line.”

After a period of eclecticism, Rutherford believes it’s time for clarity and innovative design.

5. Focus on the fireplace

It is one of the oldest parts of a house, but the fireplace is seeing a resurgence – even in the British summer.

“It’s gone from mature marble to modern shapes, but today people want something unique with metal inlays and interesting shapes off the shelf,” says interior designer Kelly Hoppen.

6. Marble

Although marble has been in fashion for a while, Hamilton believes it will remain popular in 2018. But, she says, there will be a wider color scheme, with browns, greens and blacks with everyone.