The main mistakes people make when decorating their homes

The main mistakes people make when decorating their homesThe main mistakes people make when decorating their homes

Interior designers have an eye for colors, patterns and textures as well as a great sense of how furniture works in a space. They can tell when something is off, either the orientation of a carpet or the amount of light in a room. They also know a lot of ways to make a better space that others can not notice or think about. Error # 1: Rugs that are the wrong size or orientation The carpet should be large enough to hold all the furniture. In a common area such as a living room, a carpet should be wider than the width of your furniture to serve as a base. In a bedroom, it should be straight to the bed. “I should be pounding your bed like a ‘T’, but they’ll run it on the long way out of bed, instead, so it’s not under the bedside table and it looks a bit funny,” Mistake # 1: Not Enough Lighting Sometimes you need more than a light from above.Additional lighting not only makes it easier to see, but also helps make the space feel more dynamic.”Sometimes people have ceiling lighting and they think it’s enough, but I like to turn on the lighting,” “Have ambient lighting for your floor lamps and table lamps.” Mistake # 2: The Disorder Exposed Hide clutter with covered storage. “If you’re going to have open storage, like shelves or bedside tables that have an open base, it’s really, really important to consider what you’re going to put into that, because that becomes your design,” he added. Be sure to include a variety of well-organized accessories and pay attention to color groups. You want an ingenious, diverse mix of articles, not a chaotic mess. Mistake # 3: Buying furniture that matches too well There is such a thing as matching too well.You do not want your home to look like a furniture showroom. A collected look adds personality. “For example, I would not buy a bed frame with game tables because it would just turn your room look like a catalog,” “The best rooms are the ones that seem to have been collected over time.” Mistake # 4: No accessories They are the little details of style that make a space look and feel complete. Do not underestimate how important they are. “It’s always good to have a budget and leave some money for art and accessories,” “These are as important as the great furniture, carpets, television or whatever you want in your space.”