20 Living Room Decor Ideas with Accent Walls

The moment your guests enter your home, furnishing is the first thing they notice. And the accent wall of your living room gives it an appealing look. The accent wall of space is considered its focal point. It can be a gallery to showcase your family pictures or artwork or a place to facilitate your outdoor ambiance.  You will have an ample number of accent wall decor ideas. But, how do you select the best one? Is painting the wall in a different color good? Or should spotlights be added to the place? These are some thoughts that you can think of to make your accent wall look memorable. These walls depict your personality, so without making any renovations, get your work done.  Our experienced team of luxury interior designers in Bangalore believes that accent walls can easily enhance the look of your entire living room, rather than keeping it aside for DIY enthusiasts. And, yes, the living room should carry a little enhancement. Therefore, to guide you more, here is a list of 20 living space accent wall ideas to make your space beautiful and personalized. 

20 Living Room Decor Ideas with Accent Walls1. Geometric Pattern 

To bring a rhythm to feel to your living space, use a geometric pattern accent wall. With different visual textures to tactile to choose from, you can make your room look inviting and fresh. 

2. Beadboard 

Change your living room setup with beadboard panels that can cover two-thirds of the wall space. To give it a traditional look, paint it in a bold color. Beadboard will surely add sophisticated architectural characteristics to the living space. 

3. Shades of Black and White

The combination of black and white color never goes out of style. And painting a wall black will give it a thoughtful and worldly look, instead of making it look smaller. So, pair it with the right room accents, and it is ready. 

4. Wall Painted Panels 

Whether the wall is tiny or large, use installation panels and paint them in a dark shade to deliver a sense of happiness. Also, you can use panels in different shapes and designs to give them a customized look. 

5. Porcelain Tiles 

Do not use porcelain tiles just for flooring, rather use wood plank porcelain tiles to deliver a beautiful accent wall. You can use a brushed nickel metal known as Schluter to trim the wall. And, if the accent wall is above the fireplace, porcelain becomes a fire-resistant and easy-to-clean material. 

6. Use Wood Walls 

If you want to build an accent wall that looks functional and pleasing, then choose wood walls that are also a wise investment. The accent walls will serve as a backdrop for movie nights and also provide built-in bookshelves to display collections, family pictures, and art. 

7. Give a Triple Effect

To add a more sophisticated look to the wall, you can combine stunning accents like wainscoting, crown molding, and wallpaper to give a triple effect. Also, remember to paint the accent in a bright hue. 

8. Go All Grey 

If you do not want to make the television the focal point in the living room, pick a dark grey colored accent wall to blend it correctly. This wall will add a subtle depth to the living area and also provides a calming effect for movie nights with your family and friends. 

9. Vaulted Ceiling

The ceiling is the fifth wall of a room and is a great place to add a surprise element. Get a self-supporting arch to add visual height to the living room space. Also, the vaulted ceiling offers an airy feel. 

10. Head to Toe Wainscoting 

If you are looking for a classic look for your living area, use an accent wall fully covered with wainscoting. We are sure that this style will not let you down. And, if you partner with us, then our interior designers in Bangalore will surely give their space to design the living space. 

11. Bring on the Navy Color 

If you have an open space in your living room, paint one wall a navy-blue color. The shade pairs perfectly well with other colors and complements design aesthetics. It also boosts the feelings of serenity in the room. 

12. Cuts from the Nature 

Adding thinly sliced pieces of tree trunk will give the most rustic look to the living room. Also, this perfect accent wall will sync with nature. But, if you do not want to stick with one wall, showcase three accent walls for a peaceful and quiet feel. 

13. Pick Artworks 

To add playful touches to the living room, use traditional motif artworks for an appealing look. You can use light shades such as pink or green to make the room look artful and friendly. 

14. Add Hand-Painted Design 

To design one of the accent walls of your living room according to your personality, use hand paint. A combination of asymmetrical colored zig-zag and diagonal lines with a white and grey backdrop will look great. 

15. Use Color Blocks 

Add a color block white and black accent wall with the right scale adding character and drama to the living space. Rather than going for the plain white walls, the space will look fresh with modern black and white lines. 

16. Brick Architectural Design 

If you wish to add a brick architectural design to your place, it can be the focal point for your living room. Use 3D brick wallpaper or faux brick design with stone to give a realistic feel to the living area. 

17. A Monochromatic Touch 

Your personality depicts the look of your space, so why not give it a monochrome touch? Depending on the color you have chosen for your living room, pick the wall design, furniture, and artwork for the space. And, to add monochromatic touch, you will need a beautiful color, so select the one that suits your requirements.

18. Go With an Abstract Design  

Abstract designs are becoming very popular nowadays, so adding them to your accent wall can be a good option. Pick a crackle design in metal brass for your living room wall and make it look compelling. Also, choose a design that satisfies your needs of creating your dream place. 

19. Choose a Grand Theme

Marble, when used as a material, delivers a grand look and feel to the place. And, you can never go wrong to use it for designing your double-height living room wall. Use accent lights, chandeliers, velvet furnishings, and metallic decor pieces to create a grander space. 

20. Artisanal Wall Panels 

To give warmth to the living space, you can pick artisanal wall panels to reflect nature by adding some indoor plants. And, you can also add table lights or warm accents to give a welcoming feel to the living room. Add multicolored elements to maximize the look. 


These are the top accent wall design ideas that you can choose for your living room. We are always available to provide our customers with one-of-a-kind interior design and decor products to create a style statement in your home. Pick us and let the leading home interior designers in Bangalore create a space that you imagined. Contact us and grab our inter design and decor services.