06 Jun 2018
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Best Interior Design Ideas on a Budget

Building a home doesn’t come cheap and designing modern interior costs even more. The good news is that you can still decorate a home even if you have budget constraints. If you a want a makeover, you need not replace everything to make the space new again. Making some small changes will have a great impact and will refresh the entire home.

Here are some helpful Best Interior Design Ideas on a Budget to decorate your modern space within your pocket budget.

Repaint With a New Color

Low budget interior designers in bangalore
Low Budget Interior Designers in Bangalore

Be it your living room or the drawing room, this is one of the most effective solutions to make big changes on a budget. Paint your room with a new colour and see how it changes the overall look of the room. Even with the same furniture, the room will look cosier with a refreshed look.

Reposition Your Furniture

Affordable Interior Designers in Bangalore
Affordable Interior Designers in Bangalore

If you don’t want to make any serious changes but still need change, repositioning your furniture will help. Take out your furniture from its old position and put it somewhere else. Changing the position of furniture will give a new appeal and dimension to your room. Pulling your sofa away from the wall and arranging it in an angle will change the feel it gave it to your room earlier. You can also put some high flower vase or a bookcase in that space.

Makeover Your Walls

Who said walls have to be plain and empty? As walls take up most of the space in any room, they are the focal points which you need to utilize. Give a makeover to your walls and do something unique like adding a photo wall or adding bookcases to the walls can have a big impact.

Change Your Tabletop

3 BHK Furniture Designers in Bangalore
3 BHK Furniture Designers in Bangalore

Believe it or not, what is on top of your table can have a great impact on the overall vibe of the room. Once in a while, take away all that is on top and replace with items that were in other room or new ones like candlesticks, plant containers or frames and see the difference it makes.

Change Your Throws

Cushions and pillows play a major role in setting up a cozy place to unwind after a tiring day. Simply changing up your cushion covers will change the look of your living room instantly. You can either buy brand new covers or stitch your own and the creativity for the latter has no limits.

Add Wall Art or Wallpaper

Beauty Salon Interior Design
Beauty Salon & Spa Interior Design Concept

If you want to achieve a brand new look to your room in a cost-effective way, try adding some wallpaper or large wall arts to your room and you will be surprised by how good makes you feel. These decorative elements immediately change a room. If you cannot try it for your walls, try doing it for the ceiling.

You need not spend a fortune on your interiors to give a new look to your home. Rearranging the old things at your home by jazzing it up a bit can bring in so many changes. If you have a budget, investing in statement furniture can also help to update your room to a spicier version.