30 Apr 2018
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Common Interior Design Mistakes To Avoid

Common Interior Design Mistakes To Avoid
Common Interior Design Mistakes To Avoid

There is nothing more satisfying than building your own house. From picking a builder to choosing materials and planning things ahead, the decisions seem endless. Once the house is built, the interior design & decor is yet another aspect which needs all attention so that your home becomes a true dream home. However, during this phase, people tend to make plenty of common mistakes that spoil the look of your house altogether. Here are some of the common mistakes you can make with your interior design.

Going Neutral

Pastels are so popular now but going completely neutral is not so in. While neutrals are a safe choice instead of bold shade. However, adding a hint of color can give a lot of charm to your space and it changes the whole ambiance. Mixing neutrals and bold colors in the right way has to be your statement look.

Ignoring The Hallway

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Ignoring the entrance hallway is an important aspect that you may ever imagine. Entrance hallways are supposed to be welcoming space and hence it has to be pleasant enough to create a huge first impression. In order to gain compliments from visitors, try to make it a statement of your home. Add a stylish console table along with a large vase to make space look lovely.

Incorporating Too Many Formal Elements

This is one such mistake that is committed by many people in their living rooms. Don’t stuff your living room with too many formal elements and make is extremely formal. The living room is supposed to be comfortable and inviting. Make it welcoming by picking the right type of furniture that would balance the colors and textures present in the room.

Matching Everything

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Trying to buy matchy-matchy was a trend once but it is totally outdated now. You might be very tempted to do this by matching everything in a room. However, avoid doing this and try to pay attention to balance decor which has refreshing colors and materials.

Buying Furniture That Doesn’t Fit

Sure, you want to decorate your home with the most beautiful furniture, but it’s not about beauty alone. Apart from the look, aesthetics has to be given importance when it comes to furniture. It should as comfortable as possible to use and must fit your room as well. Stop buying furniture just based on how it looks. Check whether it would suit your room and fit the space it is supposed to occupy. There is nothing more uncomfortable than furniture that doesn’t fit.

Using A Lot of Artwork

Artwork for Residential Interior Designing
Use lot of Artwork for Residential or Commercial Interior Designing

While incorporating artworks into wall decor and as room decor is in trend, overstuffing may not look good. If you have something unique to display as an artwork, go for it. Or else, it is safe to skip this step.

Decorating your home with best interior designers is not an easy thing to do but by paying attention to the above-mentioned elements, you can achieve a perfect looking home. Make sure that pay attention to every room including kitchen interior design & decoration. Avoid these mistakes and transform your house into a beautiful and welcoming space.