27 Apr 2018
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Quick Interior Designing & Decoration Tips For Your 3BHK Home

3BHK Home Interior Decoration
3BHK Home Interior Decoration | Bhavana Interiors Decorators

When it comes to interior designing, there are some popular tips for interior designing to follow with minimal effort and cost for your Residential Homes or Commercial Office from best interior designers in Bangalore. As you already know, small things can make a great impact. It could be just adding a painting or softening your walls, small things can instantly brighten up your home. Take a look at some of these well know design tips to transform your home.

Use A Light Color For Small Spaces To Give The Illusion Of More Space

3 BHK Interior Design and Decoration
3 BHK Interior Design and Decoration | Bhavana Interiors and Decorators

If you are living in rented apartments, you know how restricted the spaces can be. No matter how small space is, by painting it with light colors, you can attain the illusion of a large room. Similarly, large windows and ample use of mirrors can give the illusions of space making the room seems larger than it is in reality. Likewise, darker colors can make your room feel small even with plenty of natural light coming in.

Pay Attention To Master Bedroom

Bedroom Interior Decorators | Bhavana Interiors Decorators
Bedroom Interior Decorators | Bhavana Interiors Decorators

The master bedroom is one of those places that require a lot of attention. Pay more attention to the acoustic nature of master bedroom and soundproofing, It is better to have a color theme for your bedroom and with a nightstand and accessories to light it up.

Mix It Up

Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore | Bhavana Interior Decorators
Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore | Bhavana Interior Decorators

There is nothing wrong with putting up family heirlooms besides your modern furniture. The new trend is to mix up old and new furniture, blend up patterns and textures. A professional interior decorating company will tell you that the most significant aspect of decorating your home is to reflect your personality in your home. Let the antique furniture tell a beautiful story about your personality and style. The same goes for art as well.

Wicker Baskets Are In

The modern interior decoration trend goes with using displays of magazine, baskets, books or anything ranging from blankets to architectures. If you have an old stock of decor magazines or display books, try displaying them in a pattern in your living room. Decorating your kitchen with tiny wicker baskets is also a way of beautifully displaying your stuff.

Use What Is Already At Home To Decorate

Gone are the times when people used to buy new furniture for their new home. The new trend is to use what you already have to decorate your new home. Use your home accessories instead of running to a store to get new stuff. Be it candles, books, trays, trunks or frames, make wonderful art out of them by displaying them right.

Interior decorating is a vital aspect of beautifying your house. Getting it right is crucial as it involves a lot of things. But when it is done perfectly, it makes your home aesthetically appealing. Hiring the best interior decorations is the perfect way to get the best for your 3BHK home. Whether you are hiring an interior designer or planning to do it yourself, these above-mentioned points will be helpful. Share your thoughts and opinions below.