15 Dec 2022
Vikas Upadhyay
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Give Your Bedroom a Modern Look With These 5 Design Styles

1 bhk interior design in BangaloreIt feels great to design a bedroom as it is possible to develop a customized unique space that is a retreat for the people at the end. For a designer as well as the client, the bedroom is the most essential place in the home. Therefore, it is essential to keep the right balance of keeping things and welcome in the room. This is where the modern design style has gained popularity when we talk about designing bedroom space.  The contemporary designs include warm and neutral tones with sleek furnishing that sometimes leave a feeling of bareness, but when designed correctly, these elements can provide a pleasant and warm feeling to the audience. Giving a contemporary look to the bedroom adds new trends that enhance the look of the room to give it a beautiful feel. So, as we are the best interior designers in Bangalore, here we have curated a few ideas that can be considered to give your bedroom a contemporary feel. 
  • Add Minimalist Furniture 

Having a minimalist approach to the bedroom design provides a modern and dignified atmosphere to the space. When the bedroom has the right color from the neutral palette, the fusion of wood, linen, and leather furnishings will look beautiful. Having minimal furniture also lets natural lighting and ventilation enter the room easily. 
  • Choose Vibrant Accent Walls for the Room 

To create the mood of the bedroom, it is hectic to choose the right colors for the walls of the bedroom. Adding vibrant accent walls matched with soft hues will surely highlight the aura of the space and give a sense of security and comfort. And, we are sure that this idea will make your room look stunning. 
  • Use Large Window Glass 

As bedrooms do not have an open floor plan, it is necessary to limit the amount of space in the room. Hence, using large windows in the bedroom can make the room look spacious and airy. Also, glass windows allow a consistent flow of natural light in the bedroom. And, as it is said that it is good to let natural light in the home to give it a positive vibe. So, considering this idea will help you make your bedroom look perfect. 
  • Give Small Storage Space in the Bedroom 

If you are wondering how to give your room a whole white look, then choose to paint a planked ceiling, trim the crisp, use ship-lapped walls, and clean the extra white color. This will give a decent spacious look to your bedroom.  Tip- If you have a small storage space or your closet is not spacious, then you can keep a vintage-style rack to add your clothing to style. You can even add a blanket chest at the end of your bed to make a linen closet. 
  • Place a Statement Headboard 

If you are planning to design your master bedroom, it is good to add a mantel-style headboard to give an architectural touch to the space. Place the headboard against the plain walls to design the room and make it look awesome. Use a cable-knit throw at the top layers of bedding to add softness. 


So, these are the top five contemporary ideas to design your bedroom. When all the décor elements are curated perfectly, modern bedroom designs can be warm and comfortable. Putting chic edges and clean lines and pairing them with a contrasting color palette can transform the overall look of the space.  Using the right headboard and adding huge window glasses can give the room an appealing look. Therefore, if you also want to redecorate or design your bedroom, then feel free to contact the home interior designers in Bangalore without further delay.