16 Mar 2023
Vikas Upadhyay
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How has Interior Design Transformed? A Look Back from the 1970s to the 2020s

Home renovation services in Bangalore If we see fashion trends, they change over the years and this works the same for interior design and decor trends. You would have noticed your grandparents’ home looked and noticed how different it was from your home. Therefore, by looking at the past years, it is easy to find the interior design trends that perfectly define a decade. Here, are skilled house interior designers in Bangalore providing answers to the question ‘how interior design trends have changed from the past years?’ We have added some of the historical and current trends that showcase how interior design has changed over the past time.

Changes in Interior Design Trends: The 1970s

For homes in the 1970s, the living room was the focal point where you would use all the essential design elements. It was called a family room or a den that was designed to make an impression. Around the 70s, free spirits, bold designs, and vivid colors were on a trend that worked not only for home decor but also defined the culture. Vivid colors like blue, orange, red, and brown make up the color scheme in the home from that time. Floral prints, an open floor plan, carpets, rich wall textures, and stone accents were the main characteristics of the 1970s home design and decor. The design experts in the 1970s were popular to use acrylic material, colorful patterns, glass tops, and timber finishes in the home.

Changes in Interior Design Trends: The 1980s

In the 1980s, contemporary design trends survived from the 1970s. The vibrant colors in the 1970s were shifted to natural shades till the 80s. With the advancement in technologies, electronics like radios and televisions became part of every home and home design and decor started to revolve around them. Carpeting became less popular in the living room and was mostly used in bedrooms. Colors like yellow and deep red were in the open floor plan and clean angular furniture. Polypropylene was used to make furniture instead of natural wood and other building materials.

Changes in Interior Design Trends: The 1990s

In 1990, there was a shift in contemporary design to sleek shapes and soft color schemes. The modern and internet era has started making a great impact on interior design trends. There are many 19990s designs in use today that look so much vogue in appearance in homes. Designers paired natural and simple furnishings with yellow and beige tones. Additionally, wallpapers, ornament paintings, and patterns have shown the change in interior design trends over time. Kitchen cabinets and countertops have shifted to use natural wood items around the second half of the year.

Changes in Interior Design Trends: The 2000s

The key highlights in the 2000s were the combinations of old or vintage design elements with new ones. This is the time when industrial design was introduced. In the 2000s, interior design blended with a contemporary setup. For instance- Think of traditional wooden furniture design with a modern industrial setup. People began to ask for elegant and simple interior design setups rather than choosing loud patterns. So, we can say that minimalistic, industrial, and contemporary interior design were the key highlights of the decade.

Changes in Interior Design Trends: The 2010s

Now, let us see how interior design changed over the year 2010. As people began using mobile phones, houses began evolving into ‘smart homes. The interior design in 2000 was known as millennial interior design focused on the use of natural and gentle color schemes.  With interiors being simple, furniture design was shifted to fulfill the multipurpose needs of the people. Some of the popular interior design trends in the 2000s were rustic designs, the use of neutral wall colors and paints, and Scandinavian minimal decor. During this decade, home design became a homier.

Changes in Interior Design Trends: The 2020s

As the world drastically changed in the past years, there are two types of properties emerging in the country- private and rental. The private property is well-designed and luxurious. On the other hand, rental properties are designed with less focus on designs that creates a practical space. So, whichever group you are in, we are here to help our clients. We have seen people asking for retro-inspired home designs that provide a good emphasis on them cultural lifestyle and tastes. The usage of natural shades, cottage and farmhouse aesthetics, rustic design with exposed brick walls, Scandinavian minimal decor, and TV units are the focal points. Design trends like Pantone color of the year are also gaining popularity in the 2020s.

How Can We Transform Your Space?

So, are you thinking of renovating your home and designing it according to the latest trends and designs? Our interior designers in Bangalore can help you with unique and new interior designs and change the entire look of your home.  Feel free to book a consultation with us and send in your queries.  We are always available for our clients in all possible ways to meet their home design and decor expectations.