A BRIEF LOOK AT THE ROLE & IMPORTANCE OF STAINLESS STEEL FABRICATING SERVICES Stainless steel is a highly durable but flexible material which makes it possible for it being used to create different kinds of end products. Steel fabrication is a process that is central to the creation of different types of products with the help of stainless steel. Steel is available in nature as a form of alloy. It comes in combination with iron, carbon and other components like sulfur, silicon, oxygen and phosphorus. In order to make steel apt for different kinds of work, it needs to contain less than 1% manganese and 2% carbon. STEEL FABRICATION PROCESSES The process of steel fabrication can be carried out in primarily two ways. The first one is termed as the integrated route and works with the raw materials. In this method, the components are heated up and melted down before they are effectively mixed into steel. About 60% of all steel fabrication projects are managed in this way. Another way, called the EAF or electric arc furnace method is also very popular since it is much quicker and easier. In this method, all the recycled steel materials are put into a bog furnace and then melted down. After that, it is mixed with some other materials to produce steel. Both the methods involve difficult work and a lot of interaction with heat. Even though these are the two main methods for fabricating steel, there are actually more than 3000 different types of steel materials that are produced and used all over the world. Each of these different types of steel has got distinct chemical, physical, and environmental features and properties of their own. Stainless steel fabricators in Bangalore toil for hours to try and come up with new forms of stainless steel in order to accommodate various production processes. THE ADVANTAGES OF STEEL FABRICATION Every metal comes with their own set of advantages and shortcomings and stainless steel is no different. However, the advantages of stainless-steel materials outweigh their disadvantages in a major way. It is therefore no wonder that industries and commercial production centers all over the world simply love to work with stainless steel. Companies that offer fabrication work in Bangalore strongly believe in working with stainless steel as it is a dependable material. Here are the main benefits of steel fabrication. Compared to certain types of metals that are not recyclable and environment friendly, stainless steel has always scored high points due to this eco friendly nature. It is 100% recyclable and communities using them need not worry about any detrimental effects on their health in the long term. More than half of all stainless-steel materials are obtained from previously melted scraps of stainless steel that are procured from different sources, which helps in reducing waste. Stainless steel is highly corrosion resistant when compared to iron components. This naturally brings greater value to industrial and commercial production centers that work with stainless steel both in terms of ease of use as well as long term investment. The chromium that is combined with steel enhances its corrosion resistance and other alloys also work to reduce corrosion in different ways. When it comes to applications with wet elements, lower alloygrades have been found to offer best results. On the other hand, higher alloy grades are more suitable for alkaline and acid solutions. Even though stainless-steel fabrication is a hard work, the process itself is rather easier compared to the fabrication of some of the other types of metals. Moreover, with the availability of latest methods and modern equipments, stainless steel can be fabricated, welded and cut very easily. Even though fabricating stainless steel requires a lot of investment and is a costly affair, the long-term efficiency and value offered by them actually compensates for the high initial investment that needs to be made. Most production centers prefer to work with stainless steel since it is a maintenance-free material at the end of the day. It also has an excellent lifecycle which makes it better than many of the other metals. Stainless steel is also highly resistant to heat and fire. Using high chromium as well as nickel- alloyed grades is ideal when it comes to working in valves, water heaters, boilers and various other types of heat exchangers. BENEFITS OF HIRING THE SERVICES OF A STEEL FABRICATION COMPANY When you are the owner of a business that makes use of stainless steel to produce different types of finished goods, it is important that you get in touch with a steel fabrication company in Bangalore that is capable of delivering you great value for your investment. Bangalore has a highly developed industrial scene and stainless steel is used here extensively for producing various products and structural components that are necessary in engineering projects. It is important that you discuss your needs thoroughly with such a service provider and make sure that they clearly understand the exact type of steel you are looking for. As mentioned before, stainless steel comes in more than 3000 different variants, each with their own set of physical and chemical properties. This means that unless you have the right kind of stainless-steel component, it will be difficult for you to manage your production requirements. FINDING A RELIABLE STAINLESS-STEEL FABRICATION COMPANY The success of your industrial or commercial project is going to depend a lot on the type of stainless- steel fabrication company that you get in touch with. So, it is important that you put careful consideration when you are looking to consult with a stainless-steel fabricator. Ideally, you should hire the help of stainless-steel fabricators that also work as aluminum fabricators in Bangalore. This is so because even though you are working with stainless steel, you may need to use other types of metals every now and then. Therefore, it only makes sense to procure them from a reliable source. This will also help you to make good use of your resources and enhance your ROI.