Structural engineering is a part of Civil engineering that mainly focus on analyzing and designing structures such as buildings, towers, bridges, tunnels etc. that can withstand both natural and man-made forces. Structural engineers generally make use of concept of physics and mathematics for designing a structure and making sure that the structure doesn’t fall or collapse. Structural engineering is a sub domain of civil engineering wherein engineers perform certain calculations and also look at several factors such as Forces the structure can encounter Materials that should be used to make a sturdy structure Shape of the structure For example, if a structure engineer constructs a bridge, he has to see that the bridge not only hold itself but also handles varieties of forces such as force caused due to traffic driving on it and forces which can be caused due to wind or any other natural conditions. Companies that provide Structural Engineering Services in Bangalore generally take certain properties into consideration while analyzing a structure such as strength, weight, stiffness of the materials. For instance, steel is heavier as compared to woods. In addition to this, different shapes serve different purposes. For example, square shape can handle more weight than a triangular shape. Therefore, structural engineers perform calculations to identify which types of materials and shapes should be used to make a sturdy yet modern structure. Residential Structural Engineering Services With the increase in complexity of residential designing and new innovations of materials and methods it becomes difficult to plan for a new home. Therefore, you can check Residential Structural Engineering Services in Bangalore if you are planning to build your new home or thinking to renovate the existing one. Structural engineer take your plan into consideration, guide you through selection of materials and construction practices, and gives an estimation of overall cost of the project. The engineer will also identify issues that may build up during the construction process. It is very important to hire the services of experienced structural engineers for the undertaking the construction process of the home. Remember that as the sustainable designs, techniques and technologies are changing continuously, only a qualified interior designing firm that has experience in the field can help you to get the best service on time and on budget. And one of the main advantages of hiring structural engineers for designing your home is that they have knowledge of the local construction codes which will ensure that your plans are in accordance with the current codes like flood zone or coastal engineering requirements, wind bracing, natural calamity etc. They also help you to get the approval from the local reviewing authorities. SOME OF THE EXAMPLES OF RESIDENTIAL STRUCTURAL SERVICES ARE: Single or joint family home Condominiums Pent house Townhomes Commercial Structural Engineering Services Structure engineers also provide the construction services for small and large scale commercial projects same as residential structural services. However, the designing standards and analysis process is different. The engineers work on load bearing structures and machine foundations by making use of huge equipments to construct commercial properties. Some of the Commercial Structural Engineering Services in Bangalore consists of building commercial Industries, construction of bridges, construction of towers, municipal building designs, and institutional designs. Investigation & Inspection Apart from providing on-field construction services, structural engineering also consists of on-field investigation and inspection which means catching the issue early in order to save money in costly repairs. Before insulation, residential properties undergo framing inspection to ensure that the house is framed according to the structural designs. After the inspection, the structural engineering firm will provide a report which will have details of any issues that were discovered during the inspection and will also offer any recommendations if required. The firm will also provide foundation inspection before pouring concrete which will ensure that footing placement is according to the foundation drawings. Foundation issues become costly once the house is constructed. Therefore, make sure to take certain simple steps in order to avoid major foundation repair later. Importance of Structural Engineering We know that the work of structure engineer is important as it directly depends on the safety and sturdiness of the building. Structure engineers are the ones, who can determine accurate calculations of maximum weight a property can handle, the amount of force coming from wind storm, and the magnitude of earthquake certain property can withstand. Structural engineers also have an overall idea of how much material and resources will be used for the construction process. Hiring a structural engineer from a reputed architect or designing firm is an added advantage as these firms take the whole project in their hands and arrange engineers according to the complexity of the project. FEW IMPORTANT THINGS TO LOOK FOR IN A STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING FIRM: Prolonged existence: Experience, proper work documents, and fair price are some the key factors for any structural engineering firm to stay in business. Hence, go for a firm that are in designing business for many years and offer on time service at a fair price. Quick to respond: No matter how big or small your project is, a structural engineering firm should be available to respond to your queries quickly. Experience: In the field of structural engineering, no two projects are same due to different materials, resources, place, foundation, size etc. Choose a firm that has experience in different types of projects and can handle any issues that may occur during execution. Make sure to check the designs provided in the construction documents. Excellent Team: Having a group of experienced professionals is essential to make the whole construction process run smoothly and even faster. Adopting modern methods: Structural engineers should know about changing technologies in the market and must adopt new technologies as and when required by continuing learning programs. Licensed: Choose a firm that is licensed by the government to ensure that your project is safe and in good hands. Therefore, choosing a dedicated and reputed structural engineering firm will ensure that your project is delivered on time and under budget.