Bhavana Interior Decorators specializes in steel fabrications. We are one of the effective manufacturers of steel in the industry, in Bangalore, India. We have never compromised with the quality of our products and ensure that products meet the clients’ satisfaction. With over 3000 types of steel which are to be found. Bhavna Interiors makes it sure that the properties such as physical, chemical and environmental meet the requirement of our clients. With our competitive designs and experts dealing with it, hiring fabrication work in Bangalore confirms quality steel manufacturing under strict surveillance. CHARACTERISTIC FEATURES Steel is a homogenous mixture of iron and carbon, very prevalent for its high-durability and cheap price. Steel fabrication is a huge process of construction of structures from the raw materials. The process usually includes cutting of machine parts, bending structures and assembling processes from the raw materials. The assembling process is also called welding, cutting and machining. Basically, steel structures are formed into predefined molds and which are ready to erect. So, transformation of a chunk or a piece of steel into different shapes with the help of machines and sizes which are put for future use is called as steel fabrication. This intricate work is very complicated because the small pieces are transformed into huge structures. Steel has a Plethora of Applications. Some of the following are– All kinds of steel products are used several places such as hotels, party halls, poles, and even multi-national companies. Most of the large construction structures such as railways, buildings, other infrastructure constructions are made of steel. The basic skeleton or the architecture of almost all the structure is made of steel. Due to its cheap availability, it has become a part and parcel of our life. Steel is now most widely used material which can be afforded at a very cheap rate. As it is easily available, steel and widely used, steel fabrication company in Bangalore makes it sure that the company follow quality standards and offer reliable products which attract buyers from across the world. Moving to the details of how steel is manufactured, there are two interesting ways in which steel fabrication works take place. First method is where the raw material is taken. Its heated, melted and then mixed into steel. This is called the integrated route. Second method is where the steel from the recycled part is taken and melted down and mixed with some other products. Its end product is steel. There are many processes by how metal fabrication is done. Cutting, Bending, Assembling are the following by which metal fabrication are the various processes by which metal fabrication is done. CUTTING– It is mainly done manually by sawing, shearing and chiseling, Bending- It is a method of hammering with the help of tools. It is hammered into thin of either coin shaped or metal-sheet and is broken seamlessly and efficiently into thin sheets and coin-shaped forms. Assembling- It is a method where both human labor and automated machines are used to make steels. Pieces are bended by machines like welding and then fasteners are used to join the leftover pieces. Advantages of Steel Fabrication- Steel is not only the most accepted and reliable product across the world. It is the most sustainable and greens product as it can be easily recycled and reused. This characteristic feature of steel makes it worthier and more useful in the manufacturing industry. Cost-Effective Steel is the most affordable manufacturing product in the industry. It is available easily and highly used for construction because of its weightlessness. Its price has remained stable across all business due its cost-effective features. Environmental-Friendly Steel has always been a popular choice amongst the business heads for the manufacturing products. It can be used over and over again for its quality. It has sustainable qualities such as with its lower rate more and more construction can be made of steel, that means more and more forests can be conserved. Due to its effective features, it has lower energy cost too. Steel is Highly Durable in Nature The best features of steel are that it is highly durable and can withstand any harsh weather conditions. It has longer lifespan and the buildings are much stronger than the ones made of concrete. It can also withstand any accidents out of fire as it is irresistible to fire also. Hence it is frequently used in commercial purposes for constructions. Conclusion Steel is a crucial element while constructing structures and erecting it. It is highly durable. Resistible and durable element used for construction. From constructing residential buildings to factories and industries, steel has become the most important part of the composition features due to its value and strength. Based on its high tensile strength and features, hiring best steel fabricators in Bangalore leads to the choice of interesting range of Steel Fabrication Service. Bhavna Interiors and Decorators makes it sure that the company produces the best in the industry and is the finest choices amongst its potential clients. We are trusted brands in manufacturing steel and believe in high-quality product delivery. That is why we are the most trusted company for our finest product manufacture and attract consumers across the world.